A Brief Guide In Selecting The Right Car Battery For Your Vehicle

car battery

The car battery is usually an overlooked part of a vehicle. But in fact, this part is necessary for smooth performance and hiccup-free driving. Every car battery has a limited lifespan, but with regular maintenance and servicing, it can last longer. Nevertheless, if the battery is extremely worn out, unable to recharge on its own, or totally damaged, then it’s time to consider replacing it with a new quality one.

There are different makes and types of car batteries available in the market today. That said, choosing the right one for your vehicle can be quite tough. This requires lots of things to consider, including the capacities, sizes, brands, and other features. Hence, it’s important to have a list of things to look for when you shop for a car battery. Use this guide before you purchase anything.

Check product reviews

Every battery is tested by auto enthusiasts and consumer organisations. It’s ideal that you check a consumer reporting website or auto blog for information about the types of car batteries sold around your area. You can also browse through product reviews of your prospective car battery store for this.

Don’t purchase old batteries

Even when stored, car batteries can lose a majority of its strength. This is why it’s always ideal to purchase a new battery that was manufactured within the last six months.

Shop around

Compare the price of car batteries sold at different shops. If possible, browse prices online or call the shop to find out how much they charge for the type of batteries you need. By doing this, you can surely save yourself some time and energy.

Confirm you’ve got the right item

Make sure that the battery you’re planning to buy is the right one for your vehicle before you check out of the store. Auto shop employees should be able to look up the make and model of your car to determine if you’re buying the right battery.

Buy a maintenance-free battery

Maintenance-free batteries are sealed and require no special attention. Most car batteries fall into this category, but some require periodic filling with water. It’s better if you buy a maintenance-free battery, so you can save yourself from future hassle.

Check the brand

Most cars come with a specific brand’s batteries and replacing them with the same battery is the best way to make sure you got the best one for your car. However, if you think that the brand used in your car is expensive and you can’t afford it, you can go for other brands as well. You just need to make sure to follow the specifications and requirement found in your car’s owner manual.

It’s better if you avoid buying cheaper brands since they usually cause more damage than good for your vehicle. Cheap batteries might have many defects and perform very poorly. This is why you should be careful when choosing the brand for your car battery.

Find the right battery size

Car batteries are divided into group sizes, which indicate the length, width, and height of the battery. You can consult with your mechanic for this or check the owner manual of your car, then compare the car batteries. The right battery size is the one that fits perfectly in the battery tray, securing it and preventing damage arising from vibrations.

Consider the Reserve Capacity

This refers to the amount of time that the battery can run on its own power without the engine and before discharge. Having a high Reserve Capacity helps the car through different situations, such as a noncompliant engine, alternator failure and accidentally leaving lights on. Therefore, ensure that you check this before you buy a certain car battery.

Most car batteries will last for three to five years, depending on the nature of your trips and weather conditions. Looking for a new battery that will serve you for more years can be a complicated task to take on, and this includes finding the right car battery store. But with the few factors to consider listed above, you can surely get a battery that is perfect for your car much easier.